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Saros: Widening access to qualitative research participation

25th May 2016

saros-logo.pngSaros Research Ltd specializes in participant recruitment for qualitative and user experience research within the UK. Since pioneering the database-driven approach in this market at the turn of the millennium, the Saros team have placed over 25,000 participants in projects ranging from FMCG focus groups to virtual reality testing – and everything in between. Our specialist project management team includes experts in gaming, finance, fashion, children and patient research but all are versatile and ready for the next challenge, and committed to excellence in client service. 

Saros Research is dedicated to professionalizing participant recruitment and participant welfare, and created The Participant Principle: A guide to getting the best recruitment for your user testing and qualitative research (UPP Books 2016). Sustained investment in database development and marketing outreach brings hundreds of new potential participants into contact with qualitative opportunities every week, and enables the delivery of a recruitment service with integrity and accuracy.


Maya Middlemiss is Managing Director of Saros. Her chapter, Widening Access to Qualitative Research Participation, in the forthcoming book, The Market Research and Insight Yearbook: Transforming Evidence into Impact, is available to read here.

The Market Research and Insight Yearbook (9780749478339)





Maya Middlemiss
Managing Director
Saros Research Ltd
PO Box 71506
SE10 1BX

Phone: +44 (0)20 8481 7160
E-mail: maya@sarosresearch.com
Website: www.sarosresearch.com

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