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About the Author

Alexandros Psychogios

Dr. Alexandros Psychogios is a lecturer, researcher and consultant in leadership and complexity, organisational behaviour and change, and brain-based leadership. He is an Associate Professor on OB and HRM at Hull University Business School, a Research Visitor in South Eastern European Research Centre (SEERC) and an Associate Researcher in GNOSIS Research Group of the Management School at the University of Liverpool.

Alexandros Psychogios has participated in consultancy and research projects on leadership, international human resource management, performance management and reward systems, and is an invited speaker on topics including neuroscience and leadership, complexity and behavioural approaches to management. He currently delivers innovative executive training seminars and consultancy in complexity and applied neuroscience for leadership across the world.

Books by Author

Neuroscience for Leaders

Neuroscience for Leaders

Nikolaos Dimitriadis, Alexandros Psychogios


Offers an integrative and easy-to-use method of fine-tuning your brain for better leadership, in order to deal effectively with dynamic and complex business environments, with insights from neuroscience…

Published: April 2016, Paperback,
EAN: 9780749475512

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