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About the Author

Colin Beard

Colin Beard is recognized as a leading writer, thinker and practitioner on experiential learning. Originally training as a zoologist, Colin has a PhD in experiential learning and is the co-author and author of a number of best-selling books including The Power of Experiential Learning: A handbook for educators and trainers (2002): Experiential learning: A best practice handbook for trainers and educators (both published by Kogan Page), and Experiential Learning: A Toolkit for Educators and Trainers, Blending Practice with Concepts, Kogan Page (June 2010). He has extensive experience of a range of experiential fields of practice, including corporate learning and development, public and voluntary sector experience, outdoor learning, adventure education, nature therapy, and higher education.

Colin has for many years worked with leading global companies advising and consulting on learning and development matters, particularly in the UK, Singapore, China and India. He is also a National teaching Fellow in the UK and a visiting professor at two leading Chinese Universities. He is a member of the editorial panel of a number of leading journals. Book reviews include:

The Journal Of Experiential Education: The authors, who are housed in academia and industry, have brought the two worlds together in these pages, splitting the book equally between theory and practice. Theory and practice are supported by vignettes and practical suggestions on how both can be applied. The result is a text that makes a persuasive argument for experiential learning that takes us beyond the usual definitions and arguments.

The result is an important contribution to our field. The book chronicles an existing body of work, thus retaining old favourites, and introduces new ones while stretching the boundaries of how we can use them. Both practical and grounded in solid and varied theory, it will benefit practitioners, academics, and students alike.

Personnel Today: Wow! Mind-blowing stuff. It's going to be some time before I stop enthusing about this book. This is a must for all development practitioners, educators, trainers, and facilitators alike. A very worthwhile investment at under £25.

It opens with a simple conceptual framework, known as the 'learning combination lock', which seems so obvious one wonders why it hasn't been thought of before. Suddenly, every feasible learning scenario seems to be encapsulated into an easy-to-understand diagnostic tool, invaluable for overcoming the challenges and obstacles faced by all development practitioners.

The book is surprisingly accessible. It is a meticulously researched technical work, skilfully enmeshing references to avoid interrupting the flow. The extent of the reference section is quite unusual for a handbook, with a summary of the tantalising snippets taking up 16 pages at the end of the book. This lends it significant credibility.

Books by Author

Experiential Learning

This fully updated handbook combines both the theory and practice of all types of learning that employ activity-based experience. Techniques included are used in management education and corporate training.

Published: August 2013, Paperback,
EAN: 9780749467654

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The Experiential Learning Toolkit

Better understand experiential learning across a range of cultures and contexts, from education to corporate training, with this popular book.

Published: July 2010, Paperback,
EAN: 9780749450786

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