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About the Author

Hilary Scarlett

Hilary Scarlett is a consultant, writer and speaker, and Director of Scarlett & Grey. Her work has spanned Europe, the US and Asia and concentrates on the development of people-focused change management programmes, coaching and employee engagement. She is currently conducting research into applied neuroscience with four major organisations in the private and public sectors. Hilary has also been working with Professor Walsh of University College London to apply cognitive neuroscience to practical management tools. In 2014, she was awarded the contract to design and deliver neuroscience masterclasses for Senior Civil Servants by Civil Service Learning.

Books by Author

Neuroscience for Organizational Change

Draw on evidence from neuroscience to help ensure the success of change management programmes by helping people be more innovative, productive and engaged.

Published: February 2016, Paperback,
EAN: 9780749474881

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