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About the Author

Stephen Newton

Stephen has worked as a business coach and consultant since 2001. He enables clients to implement their firm's strategy (or adjust it so that it can be implemented) and thus enhance bottom line results.

Key focus areas include leadership development, operational management, and communication.He has developed a repeatable and scalable approach to enabling the development of Partnership relationships between client firms and their customers. As a result, his clients can move away from the transactional ("winning deals") approach to a position where price is minimised as an issue, their perceived value is enhanced, and their share of available business is maximised.

Stephen began his career as an Army officer. During his service, he graduated from Oxford University, where he received an Army scholarship to Magdalen College. Stephen trained as a Business Coach with Meyler Campbell (whose programme is accredited by both the Law Society of England and Wales and by the World Association of Business Coaches ("WABC")). Stephen is a Founding Fellow of the Institute of Coaching Professional Association at Harvard.

Following his Army career, Stephen worked for over twenty years in the fund management industry, including as Sales Director for Mercury Fund Managers (the mutual funds business of Mercury Asset Management ("MAM")), as Operations Director for MAM, and subsequently as Operations Director at Schroder Investment Management (UK). In these two latter roles, Stephen's remit included major reorganisation of the business, both front office, back office and business structure and processes.His consulting life gained momentum as Head of Relationship Management for AXA IM in London, which acted as a testing ground for a number of the ideas that now form the basis of Stephen's work.

DLO Associates was established in 2001. "DLO" stands for "Development in Leadership and Operations". Stephen has spoken at a number of conferences on topics including strategy implementation and the business case for Corporate and Social Responsibility.He is in demand as a speaker on business development and practice growth both at seminars organized by his own firm and at events organized by others.

Books by Author

Success as a Coach

Success as a Coach

Stephen Newton


A complete guide to starting and developing your coaching business.

Published: October 2013, Paperback,
EAN: 9780749469092

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The Professional's Guide to Business Development

This book shows you how to differentiate yourself from your competitors, engaging with clients in a meaningful way and with a new strategy for business development.

Published: December 2012, Paperback,
EAN: 9780749466534

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