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Getting to Nimble

How to Transform Your Company into a Digital Leader

Gain competitive advantage by adopting the best practices of established companies such as FedEx and CarMax, who successfully transformed their practices around people, processes, technology, internal partnerships and external networks.
EAN: 9781789667554
Edition: 1
Format: 235 x 158
288 pages

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About the book

With increased pressure from digital natives, now is the time for established companies to address outdated and antiquated practices in order to respond quickly to the ever-increasing speed of market changes.

The pace of change in business today is such that it is becoming easier to go from a legendarily high-performing company to liquidation in a short period of time. Getting to Nimble shares the stories of organizations that were able to successfully transform their people practices, processes, technology, ecosystems and strategy for the digital era. The book also covers once dominant companies like Circuit City and Kodak that neglected to change and were impaired or died as a result.

Highlighting a framework to follow along with best practices that others can emulate, Getting to Nimble includes case studies from major organizations such as Capital One, FedEx, CarMax, The Washington Post, Domino's Pizza, Walmart and the country of Estonia.

About the authors

Peter A. High advises a wide array of Fortune 500 business and tech executives on how to compete in the digital era, and is based in Chevy Chase, MD. He is the president of Metis Strategy, moderates a weekly podcast, Technovation with Peter High, and writes the "Technovation" column on Forbes.com. He has written for The Wall Street Journal, CIO Magazine, CIO Digest, and Information Week, and keynotes at corporate conferences and universities in the US, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, the Czech Republic, Spain, China, India, Australia, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia.
  • Peter High has the context to write a much-needed guidebook to the innovation journey, focused on the vast majority of great companies who are 'digital immigrants', not digital natives. His survey of the most relevant areas of disruption (and therefore, innovation) in our time is peppered with insightful stories from recent technology history and practical frameworks. It's a must-read for business and technology executives in the age of unprecedented pace of change.
  • Sarah Guo, General Partner, Greylock

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