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Off The Page: Embracing change to evolve into an agile organization

Change is continuous and inevitable, yet many businesses struggle to navigate their way through it. With the rate of change increasing, what should businesses be doing to not only cope with change, but also create new opportunities?

Watch this recorded event with Campbell Macpherson and Neil Perkin to understand why organizational change is personal and why we must address our individual and team mindsets to fully embrace agile principles. Identify key practical steps to build high-performing adaptable teams and find out how to implement these insights to your own organization.

Drawing on their expertise and experience, Campbell and Neil will answer key questions including:

  • Why does change, internal and external, create so many barriers?
  • How can HR and management create a culture that embraces agile principles and mindset?
  • What practices and mindsets should organizations put in place to build resilience against future disruption?

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