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Off The Page: Managing wellbeing and resilience at work

Stress at work is rising year on year, long hours are becoming the norm and presenteeism is increasing across all industries. Uncertainty and continuous change heighten these issues and as they shape the new norm, how can we take care of ourselves and our teams?

Drawing on their experience and expertise, wellbeing experts Cary Cooper and Susan Kahn discuss key individual and organizational wellbeing issues, including:

  • Are there any lessons we can learn from the current situation in relation to employee wellbeing?
  • What style of management will be required in the ‘new normal’?
  • Why is resilience necessary and how can individuals and teams develop it?
  • How can new employees be incorporated into the company culture virtually?

Discover how to develop and maintain mental resilience and wellbeing tools to help your career, business and team thrive, not just survive.