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Off The Page: Managing Workplace Conflict During a Crisis

Conflict in the workplace is a recurring problem for organizations and this has been heightened during this time of uncertainty and change. From disagreements between colleagues, managing disputes or large-scale industrial action, conflict negatively impacts people and profits as employee morale and productivity fall.

Join David Liddle to discover how to develop a people-centric organization where conflict is a constructive, not destructive, force. Understand the difference between reactive and proactive approaches to conflict management, and how to get stakeholder support for investing in solving problems to protect your organization from destructive conflict.

Using his experience and expertise, David answers crucial questions including:

  • Why do we experience more conflict during times of change?
  • How can this impact a business and its people?
  • How can conflict be mediated before it escalates?
  • How has this changed in a world of remote working?

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