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Off The Page Masterclass: How disruptive technologies are transforming supply chain dynamics

The supply chain and logistics industries are undergoing a transformation powered by a new generation of innovative and disruptive entrepreneurs.

Consumer habits are changing fast and supply chains are having to adapt to meet the challenges created by this dynamic new environment, many of which have been essential during the Covid-19 crisis. These innovations may also offer a solution to many of the environmental challenges the industry faces.

Watch this masterclass with John Manners-Bell to explore the processes of technological disruption affecting the logistics and supply chain industry with a comprehensive overview of the major new technologies and business models currently under development.

Drawing on his research and expertise, John answers key questions including:

  • How can innovation spur disruption and what is the role of automation in the warehouse?
  • What policy barriers exist to the adoption of autonomous vehicles and the importance of alternative propulsion systems in meeting climate change goals?
  • What will the industry look like in the next ten years?

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