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Competitive SME

Building Competitive Advantage Through Marketing Excellence for Small to Medium Sized Enterprises

Inspired by the futureSME European Union initiative, this book shows SMEs how to harness and exploit competitiveness, agility, performance and resilience quickly and effectively to increase growth.
EAN: 9780749468507
Edition: 1
Format: 234 x 156
232 pages

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About the book

Competitive SME is a comprehensive guide to grasping the competitive and marketing opportunities facing small to medium size enterprises today. Inspired and driven by the EU initiative futureSMETM, it gives essential advice on how, by implementing a clear and focused strategy and using simple tools, you can survive, thrive, and compete. It outlines a simple yet effective model that will allow you to:

create and manage effective marketing and branding processes;
better engage with your market , creating and projecting real value;
increase your worth to the market with corresponding increase in revenue;
maximise your resources, however limited;
ensure that your competitive edge and U.S.P. is amplified and sustained.

Packed with simple but effective tools, Competitive SME is an essential, practical handbook for any manager or owner of an SME / SMB who wants to outperform their competitors.

About the authors

David James Hood is a specialist in competitiveness and proposition / revenue improvement and was an early innovator in modern digital and technology-led marketing. He has served on the UK's Marketing and Sales Standards Setting Body and the manufacturing trade body competitiveScotland. He is Co-Director of the 'Competitive SME' mission, Director of the Global Marketing Network's Online Community and serves on its Advisory Panel, and is the Commercial Director for Aqua Energy Scotland. He is also a Guest Lecturer at the University of Glasgow, and has previously held the role of Chair of the Chartered Institute of Marketing's technology group.

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