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About Us

Kogan Page was founded in 1967 and is the leading independent global publisher of specialist professional books and content with over 900 books in print. Our award-winning work offers solutions for professional practice and academic achievement in both print and digital form. Our author base, which is part of some of the most prestigious academic institutions, international commercial organisations or professional associations, delivers high level, accessible, professional content to our readers in our key subject areas: Leadership, Management, Marketing, Branding, Human Resources, Coaching, Logistics, Supply Chain, Entrepreneurship and Careers.

Kogan Page for Authors

At Kogan Page we create opportunities for authors to reach global markets through print, digital and translated publications. We pride ourselves in working closely with our authors, supporting them during the writing process and the promotion of their work, to bring the best of their knowledge to new communities and markets. If you are an author and would like to find out how to submit a proposal, please click here.

Kogan Page for Readers

At Kogan Page we support readers’ professional and academic development by offering both practical and cutting-edge content for use from early student days to advanced practitioner status in their chosen discipline. Our significant catalogue offers academic texts, practitioner guides, practical workbooks and the latest thought leadership.  To stay on top of the latest development at Kogan Page, please subscribe to one or more of our eNewsletters.

Kogan Page Publishing Partnerships

At Kogan Page we create opportunities for a range of publishing partners including professional associations, national newspapers and international corporations. Our offer covers a range of activities including co-publishing, content partnering, commercialising existing content, customising intellectual property for specific community needs, developing sponsorship and advertising opportunities and creating customised online libraries for member communities, clients and employees. If you are interested in a publishing partnership, please contact us now.

Kogan Page Global

Kogan Page has offices in London, New York and New Delhi. With agents and sales representatives throughout the world we offer an international sales distribution whilst delivering the benefits of working with an independent company. Attendance at key international sector fairs in London, Frankfurt, New York, New Delhi and Beijing is matched by our presence at specialist professional conferences and events. Kogan Page has a thriving translation rights operation with many of our titles sold in translation throughout the world including China, Korea, Japan, Brazil, the EU and the Middle East. To find out more about Kogan Page, or if you are interested in publishing a bookcontact us now.