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Develop Your Leadership Qualities through Theory and Practice - Press Release

Essential Leadership (9780749477400)24th January 2017Essential Leadership: Develop Your Leadership Qualities Through Theory and Practice

Develop Your Leadership Qualities through Theory and Practice

Essential Leadership is a practical, accessible book that tackles theory and practice in an integrated and stimulating way. It encourages readers to engage with a wide range of leadership theories and frameworks, as well as make realistic self-development plans, rate their own leadership skills, and start to experiment with new or different approaches.

The best-selling authors of Making Sense of Change Management, Esther Cameron and Mike Green, provide an over-arching framework of five essential leadership qualities that can be refined and combined as leaders grow, allowing them to be particularly responsive to the business context.

Rather than offering one best-way forward, or becoming overly theoretical, Essential Leadership is a pragmatic resource for new and experienced leaders looking to navigate the leadership literature, and start to fully realize their own leadership potential. This book allows readers to discover and develop their own leadership qualities, and master them through understanding, experimentation, feedback and reflection.

Supported by extensive online resources, this book offers an important guide for those currently working, or planning to work in a 21st century business environment with all its complexity and uncertainty. Cutting edge research into Millennial Leadership is also included, as are sections on developing your leadership maturity throughout life, and how leadership culture forms and changes.

Giving advanced praise for the book Malcolm Higgs, Professor of Organisation Behaviour and HRM, Southampton Business School said “Esther and Mike provide an excellent review and critique of the major streams of leadership research and the related theories and models. In doing this they demonstrate rigour combined with relevance and make the often complex ideas accessible through an engaging writing style.” Meanwhile, Nick Petrie, Senior Faculty, Center for Creative Leadership, International said that Essential Leadership is “Practical, research based and thought provoking. A must read for anyone interested in developing leaders!”

Michael Fekete, Head of Engagement, Digital Railway Programme at Network Rail, UK also commented “This is a first-rate change leadership book that I would heartily recommend to both students and practitioners. It provides a concise summary of leadership theories and offers practical insights for both the new and experienced leader.” Professor Rune Todnem By Professor of Organisational Behaviour (Staffordshire University Business School, UK), Professor II Change Leadership (University of Stavanger, Norway) and Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Change Management states “Esther and Mike have done it again! Through exploring the complexities of leadership, they facilitate our very own leadership journey. We all have a leadership potential, and this book will help us realise it. Based on both theory and practice this is a must read for seasoned leaders and novices alike.”

About the authors: Esther Cameron is one of the founding Directors of innovative, niche change consultancy Integral Change Consulting Ltd, where she specializes in complex organizational change projects that support moves towards high performance through strengthened leadership. Previously a lecturer for the University of Bristol, she has been experimenting with approaches to leadership and change for 25 years.

Mike Green is Director of Transitional Space Ltd, and is a Visiting Fellow at Henley Business School where he tutors and coaches in Leadership and Change. Mike also delivers bespoke and accredited learning programmes in Change Management to senior managers and change agents across the globe.

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