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How to Unlock the Circular Economy for Business - Press Release

A Circular Economy Handbook for Business and Supply Chains (9780749476755)18th November 2016 - A Circular Economy Handbook for Business and Supply Chains: Repair, Remake, Redesign, Rethink

How to unlock the circular economy for business

A report for the European Commission has identified regulatory obstacles to Europe adopting a circular economy model, among them growing concerns for recycling targets based on weight and not quality. It also outlined unlocked opportunities in economic activities and value chains as the cause for this lack of preparedness.

The key to unlocking the circular economy process for all businesses lies in identifying steps in the product’s life cycle that can be exploited and reused. Much like waste management, the crux of the circular economy is determining how to use a product, service or process more than once at every stage of its cycle.

Available on 3 December, A Circular Economy Handbook for Business and Supply Chains: Repair, Remake, Redesign, Rethink provides an overview of the circular economy, how it’s being used, what it means for supply chains and how it can be implemented across industries. With this book, readers will get a comprehensive guide to the circular economy, featuring real-life examples and case studies.

Mike Barry, Director of Sustainable Business for Marks and Spencer, praised the book for its ability to ‘[unpick] why we need to build a circular economy and, crucially, complements this analysis to explain how we can do this’.

Martin Baxter, Chief Policy Advisor for IEMA, praised the title, saying it ‘is perfectly timed to help businesses adapt and thrive by implementing circular economy principles and practices’.

About the author: Catherine Weetman, a Visiting Fellow at the University of Huddersfield, is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transportation, UK and Vice-Chair of its Environment and Sustainability Forum. Catherine's background includes industrial engineering in manufacturing and retail distribution, logistics solution design, project management, business intelligence, logistics product development and supply chain consulting. She founded Re-think Solutions to 'make sense of sustainability' for businesses, exploring business risks and value opportunities.

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