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How Industrial Businesses Can Master Digitization - Industry X.0 Press Release

Industry X.0 (9780749481469) 24th April 2017 - Industry X.0, Unlocking Value In Industrial Sectors

 How Industrial Businesses Can Master Digitization

 Industrial manufacturers must begin to digitize their operations, products and services now to make the most of the Industrial Internet of Things, analytics, AI and other “Industry X.0”  technologies, according to the new book, Industry X.0 – Unlocking Value in Industrial Sectors, from Accenture, written by Eric Schaeffer.

 Accenture Research and the World Economic Forum found that industrial manufacturers could contribute to unlocking an estimated $100 trillion in value over the next seven years – if they  managed to leverage the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and digital to vastly improve health and safety, employment, income, industrial value creation, resource efficiency and profits  within their operations and ecosystems. To do this, Schaeffer argues that industrial businesses must begin their journey toward digitization by mastering what is often referred to as the fourth  industrial revolution, and continue to move toward the next iterations of Industry X.0 – a tremendous challenge that must be overcome.

 The ship has clearly sailed for digital sceptics. The industrial sectors, comprising two thirds of the world’s gross domestic product, will be changed beyond recognition by digital technology,  disrupting decades-old business habits, conventions and operating models,” said Eric Schaeffer, senior managing director at Accenture. “Businesses need to embrace this change, and to  harness its potential. For this, they need a clear strategy for managing the necessary organizational pivots, and the right digital capabilities for this new era of digitized manufacturing.”

 Industry X.0 takes an insightful look at the business impact of the Internet of Things movement on the industrial sphere. Schaeffer combines deep analysis with practical strategic guidance,  and offers tangible and actionable recommendations on how to realize value in the current digital age. Meticulously researched and clearly explained, this book makes a stringent case for  companies to switch company strategy from products, towards services, value and outcomes. Complemented by a wealth of case studies and real world examples, this book provides  invaluable, practical 'how-to' advice for business organizations as they embark on their journeys into the era of the IIoT.

 “With this inspiring book, Eric Schaeffer demonstrates the monumental impact that IIoT has on the industrial sectors, and clearly shows how this can be harnessed for major competitive advantage, profit and growth.” Cyril Perducat, Executive Vice President, Digital Services Transformation, Schneider Electric

“This ground-breaking book helps leaders and managers to thrive in the face of endless digital transformation. Industry X.0 is an inspirational call-to-action for everyone associated with the industrial sphere.” Stefano Porcellini, Managing Director, Biesse Group

About the author: Eric Schaeffer is senior managing director at Accenture, leading the company’s Industrial Practice, which supports industrial companies as they harness digital opportunities. He also leads the Accenture Product Lifecycle Services business, which provides end-to-end services to unlock value and efficiencies from product data across the entire value chain.

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Industry X.0 – ISBN: 9780749481469, Price: £26.99 – is available to purchase from Kogan Page from 3rd May 2017. For a review copy, a by-lined article or to arrange an interview with the author, please contact NTulett@koganpage.com 


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