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Kogan Page celebrates 50th anniversary with launch of new Business Myths series


Leading independent business publisher, Kogan Page, is launching a new series in October 2017. The Business Myths series tackles the fads and falsehoods that pervade the business world. From leadership and management, to PR and the workplace, the series overturns out-of-date assumptions, skewers stereotypes and puts popular slogans to the myth-busting tests.

Leading specialists Sir Cary Cooper, Stefan Stern, Adrian Furnham, Ian MacRae, Jo Owen and Rich Leigh explore some of the most interesting and widely-accepted business myths, and help readers to avoid misinformation.

Commenting on the launch, Kogan Page Managing Director Helen Kogan said “We are really excited to be launching the first new series we have published in a while in conjunction with our 50th anniversary. These new titles take up-to-date research and practical insights to help readers throw out business preconceptions surrounding the topics of management, leadership, communications and the workplace.”

Speaking about Myths of Management, Lucy Kellaway, Financial Times, commented that “This book is so true, so sensible and so snappily written, I wish I had written it myself. If every business person read it, all managerial stupidity would wither away.”

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