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Marketing Science Series

About the Series
The Marketing Science series helps marketing students and practitioners master complex topics by grounding them in business reality. Written by noted industry thought leaders and experts, each volume includes case studies and illustrations to give students a clear understanding and real-world application of the tools and techniques they need to be successful, and to be more effective when commissioning external research.

Readers come away with a solid foundation in marketing sciences and an arsenal of tools to solve difficult marketing challenges so they can become more effective in their profession and more valuable to their organization.

Decoding the Irrational Consumer (9780749473846)Geodemographics for Marketers (9780749473822)Marketing Analytics (9780749474171)Practical Text Analytics (9780749474010)


Decoding the Irrational Consumer How to Commission, Run and Generate Insights from Neuroscience Research  (Aug 2015) by Darren Bridger

Decoding the Irrational Consumer was written to help marketing practitioners demystify neuromarketing, a relatively new field of marketing research used to understand consumer response to marketing stimuli. The book presents in plain terms the theoretical tools required to implement neuromarketing studies and achieve desired research outcomes. Marketers and researchers will learn how to effectively brief data processors and confer with neuroscientists and technicians. 

‘A rare gift to marketers and market researchers. Darren opens up the neuromarketing toolbox and shines a bright light inside, explaining in clear language not only how these tools work, but why they work, and why they will change the practice of marketing forever. An indispensable guide for both beginners and experts, from a true pioneer in the field.' -Steve Genco, author, speaker and advisor at Intuitive Consumer Insights

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Geodemographics for Marketers Using Location Analysis for Research and Marketing (Jan 2016) by Barry Leventhal

Written by the UK's leading authority on geodemographics, Geodemographics for Marketers provides marketers with the know-how to leverage geodemographics as an effective research tool to identify location-based segments for highly targeted marketing. International in scope and impartial in its approach, this book demonstrates how to implement geodemographics techniques for practical application in retail, financial services and telecommunications as well as the public sector.

Included are numerous case studies that illustrate core concepts and how they can be applied to gain positive results. The book also incorporates the newly introduced generation of classifications, as well as a discussion of the key decisions of the proposed 2021 census.

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Marketing Analytics A Practical Guide to Real Marketing Science (Jun 2015) by Mike Grigsby

Who is most likely to buy and what is the best way to target them? Marketing Analytics enables marketers and business analysts to answer these questions by leveraging proven methodologies to measure and improve upon the effectiveness of marketing programs. The book demonstrates how statistics, analytics and modeling can be used to increase the effectiveness of every day marketing activities.

‘This is a great book for practitioners who…want to learn how to apply methodologies. It is also a great, easy-to-read resource for anyone who does not have a deep theoretical background but wants to learn how analytics work in real life’ - Ingrid Guo, VP, Analytics and Managing Director, Javelin Marketing Group (Beijing)

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Practical Text Analytics Interpreting Text and Unstructured Data for Business Intelligence (Jul 2015) by Steven Struhl

In an age where customer opinion and feedback can have a major effect upon the success of an organization, marketers need the ability to analyze unstructured data in everything from social media and internet reviews to customer surveys and phone logs. Practical Text Analytics provides real-world guidance on the effective application of text analytics so that it is immediately understood. 

‘Dr. Steven Struhl provides relevant and lucid discussion of the topic, highlighting the fundamental issues involved in preparing, analyzing, and presenting textual data for meaningful interpretations’ - Dr. Jehoshua Eliashberg, Professor of Operations and Information Management, Wharton University

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