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Off the Page Digital Events


Don't be caught out by disruption. From talks on adapting to the 'new normal', making the most of digital marketing, agile strategy and more, optimize the running of your business during these uncertain times.

Off the Page Digital Events bring these topics to life, with our expert authors here to guide you through unprecedented changes. Join in to hear valuable insights, ask the experts your questions and address the current needs of your business.

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Recent events

Embracing change to evolve into an agile organization with Campbell Macpherson and Neil Perkin
25th January 2021
Transform your sales approach to make your business stand out with Philip Squire and Simon Kelly 
3rd February 2021

Make HR succeed with analytics and AI with Dave Millner and Ben Eubanks
18th February 2021
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Create a culture that gives employees purpose with Lars Schmidt and Rob Baker
3rd March 2021
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Driving diversity and inclusion within business with Rita Clifton and Sheree Atcheson
8th March 2021
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Lead a purpose-driven business and build a career that makes a difference with Shannon Houde and Theodora Lau
29th March 2021
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Activate your brand's purpose through authentic marketing with John O'Brien and Chip Walker
7th April 2021
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Prepare for continuous disruption and create resilient organizations with Constantinos Markides and Graham Bell 
28th April 2021
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How to successfully reintegrate your team into the office with Gemma Dale and Gary Bolles
17th May 2021
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Make flexible and hybrid work a reality with Jenni Field and Chris Dyer
24th May 2021
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How to lead with purpose, trust and authenticity with Jackie Fast and Minter Dial
17th June 2021
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Exceed customer expectations in today's retail landscape with Miya Knights and Andrew Smith
29th June 2021
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Can companies sustain competitive advantage with Mark Gallagher and Nathalie Nahai
27th September 2021
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Achieve true accessbility in your organization with Susi Miller and Theo Smith
7th October 2021
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Transform your social media presence in the influencer era with Carlos Gil and Gordon Glenister
25th October 2021
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