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Publish a Book

At Kogan Page we believe that a collaborative relationship with an author is essential for publishing a book successfully. This relationship starts from the moment we assess a new book idea.

Publish a Book Step 1: Submitting a Proposal

Every author, whether they are first-time or not, submits a book proposal. It is essential for our success as a publisher and yours as an author that we are certain you have found the most suitable programme to publish a book. The more information we have, the easier it is for us to make the right decision. A positive reception of your proposal by the professionals and market experts called on by the publisher to review it will assure confidence in the saleability of your book. It will also help ‘pre-sell’ the project and garner the kinds of constructive criticism that will help you produce a book with the greatest possible appeal.

Publish a Book Step 2: Proposal Evaluation

When assessing new ideas to publish a book, we ask authors to think carefully about the intended market, the competition and the unique selling points of the book. We are looking for the commercial viability of a proposal and, as such, require as much information as possible. We are not only making an investment in a publication but also in an author and so will also be asking for commitment from you to help with the promotion of the title through social media, events attendance and, where appropriate, to provide additional media content. A proposal to publish a book will prompt us to ask the following questions:

  • Is there a commercially-viable market for the book?
  • What evidence is there for this market? 
  • What is the readership for your book? 
  • What is the level of the readership (student, graduate student, professional practitioner etc)? 
  • Does the book fill a gap in the market? What evidence is there for this gap? 
  • Is there international potential? Where? Why? 
  • Are there other ways to optimise your intellectual property? 
  • Is the content at a suitable level and high standard? 
  • How will you, the author, help us promote and raise visibility of the title?


Publish a Book Step 3: Decision to Publish

We will always write to you informing you of the outcome of your proposal evaluation. A proposal to publish a book can either be accepted, or rejected. However, we may also make suggestions that you might want to consider should we feel that there is potential but that the proposal requires development or adaptation to meet our publishing criteria. If the decision is to publish you will then begin the contract negotiation with the relevant commissioning editor. In addition, a schedule for the editorial development and production process will be agreed on.

Please download our 'Guide to Writing a Proposal' document to help answer all of your questions. Please also feel free to contact us should you have any questions.