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Serve your customers and exploit your resources through effective operations management - Press Release

The Operations Advantage (9780749473549)14th March 2017 - The Operations Advantage: A Practical Guide to Making Operations Work

   ‘Operations is the bones, the sinew and the muscles of the company,’ states leading consultant and author Nigel Slack. Effective operations advantage will allow your company to withstand competitive attack and respond to volatile markets and competitors.

The study and practice of operations has shifted to reflect the new challenges and uncertainties of how to thrive in today's ever-changing world. Leaders need to link the strategic objectives of the business clearly and logically to its operations performance objectives.

Publishing on 3 April, 2017, The Operations Advantage: A Practical Guide to Making Operations Work identifies the most significant challenges to the practice of operations management, and gives guidance on how businesses can respond. The book is an indispensable and unique guide for anyone with an operational role in any organization, as well as operations management students and academics.

Peter Norris, Head of Service Optimization at Royal Bank of Scotland, provided advanced praise for the book, stating that ‘it fully lives up to its strap-line. It gives immensely practical insights and advice across the complex world of operations. Its power is in the clarity and strength of linkage made between strategy and operational action presented in highly practical and pragmatic language - the Holy Grail for senior operations managers.’

About the author: Nigel Slack is Emeritus Professor of Operations Management and Strategy at Warwick Business School and the former head of its Operations Management Group. He acts as a consultant in many sectors, including Financial Services, Utilities, Retail, Professional Services, General Services, Aerospace, FMCG, and Engineering Manufacturing.

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