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Understanding Islamic Financial Services: Get a fresh perspective on Islamic finance with new theory and practice

Understanding Islamic Financial Services (9780749480516)For Immediate Release

Get a fresh perspective on Islamic finance with new theory and practice

Understanding Islamic Financial Services offers fresh insights on the Islamic financial system. The importance of this system cannot be underestimated. Experts expect that it is likely to sustain double digit growth globally over the next few years, and demand for professionals in the area has never been higher, both in the UK and around the world.

While other texts on the subject look at the basic concepts, principles, contracts and financial products used in Islamic banking and finance, Understanding Islamic Financial Services goes one step further and provides a new context, identifying four levels on which the Islamic Financial system operates: product level, institution level, market level and inter-market level. It considers Islamic banking and finance as a multi-level service system, an approach which will enable students and professionals of Islamic finance to gain a more in-depth, holistic understanding of how the system functions.

Understanding Islamic Financial Services covers contemporary developments in service science (e.g. service theories, service visualization tools and service co-creation concepts) and implications for the development and sustainability of Islamic financial services. Examples from practice enliven the text and allow the reader to relate the theories and principles discussed to current practice.

Giving advanced praise for the book M Kabir Hassan, Professor of Finance and 2016 Islamic Development Bank Prize Winner in Islamic Banking and Finance, said “This new perspective on Islamic finance, with a holistic and pragmatic paradigm, offers new models and tools for its development.” Meanwhile, Professor Humayon Dar, Chairman of Cambridge Islamic Finance Leadership Programme said that Understanding Islamic Financial Services is “An excellent addition to the literature. With an explicit focus on service rather than product architecture, this book offers a different perspective. Islamic financial service propositions are discussed at the product, systemic, network and ecosystemic levels. To my knowledge, this is the first book in the field with such a focus. It will be interesting reading for anyone involved in the field.”

Dr Kadom J A Shubber, Founding and Ex-Editor, International Journal of Islamic and Middle-eastern Finance and Management also commented, “This modern and practice-focused book will be virtually indispensable not only to financial institutions purporting to function in accordance with Islamic sharia, but also to ordinary business people in the Muslim world and beyond who wish to avoid haram as far as practically possible.”

About the authors:

Karim Ullah is Assistant Professor and Islamic Financial Services Co-ordinator, Centre for Excellence in Islamic Finance at the Institute of Management Sciences. He has taught extensively in the areas of Islamic banking and finance, business finance and managerial finance, amongst others.

Wafi Al-Kalaghouli is Senior Lecturer in Operations and Project Management, Brunel University. He has extensive experience within multinational companies and Higher Education.

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