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What is the Backbone of Globalization? - Press Release

International Freight Transport (9780749474348)

14th February 2017 - International Freight Transport: Cases, Structures and Prospects

Hassiba Benamara, Jan Hoffmann and Frida Youssef, from the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development and contributors of International Freight Transport Cases, Structures and Prospects, argue that maritime transport is such backbone. They argue that transport is an economic sector of its own, generating ‘employment, income and revenue’. They propose that its importance has been recognized by Sustainable Development Goals, which take transport as an important aspect of sustainability.

The new release International Freight Transport: Cases, Structures and Prospects, out 3 March, 2017, presents the key changes and issues in the fast-moving industries of trade and transport. It presents changes that could redraw the trade map with major implications for transport patterns and solutions.

International Freight Transport: Cases, Structures and Prospects is the only comprehensive and accessible book on international transport available, and is the only existing single-volume guide to the industry.

Dr Stavros Karamperidis, Assistant Professor of Shipping & International Logistics at Heriot Watt University, provided advanced praise for the book, stating that it is ‘[t]he perfect companion not only for someone who wants to deeply understand how international freight transport operates but also for someone who wants to update their knowledge. The book provides an excellent synthesis of current and future issues affecting international freight transport based on cases with truly global footprint’.

About the authors: Professor Anthony Beresford is Programme Director for the MSc International Transport at Cardiff University and Director for the suite of Masters Programmes within Logistics and Operations Management. Professor Beresford has travelled widely in an advisory capacity within the ports and transport fields in Europe, Asia and North America. Dr Stephen Pettit is a researcher for the Transport and Shipping Research Group in Cardiff Business School. He has been involved in a range of transport related research including a ground-breaking project for the Department of Transport.

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