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Why A Brand Experience Must Include An Earprint - Press Release

Audio Branding (9780749478575)

24th February 2017 - Audio Branding: Using Sound To Build Your Brand 

Why A Brand Experience Must Include An Earprint

Whether it’s the familiar tune of a branded ringtone, the bubbly sounds of Skype, or even the chosen sound bite for a car unlocking– sounds influence every area of our day-to-day lives; they spark emotions, affect our choices and enhance our association with a brand. But how exactly do these choices tie into a wider brand identity?

Just like images, sound carries meaning, and just like visual branding, the strategic use of sound can be pivotal in differentiating a product or service - to create preference, build trust and ultimately improve ROI. As media has delved deeper into the digital age it has become increasingly audio-enabled, making the need for audio logos, as well as visual logos, more crucial than ever before.

Audio is a worldwide language that carries universal meaning; it has the potential to create an entire language for a brand based on essence, vision, values, promise and personality – far from the old-school jingles that were once designed for 60 second-long adverts, supporting the words instead of a brand. Cognitive studies have shown that relevant sounds and musical cues can truly influence people, making it fundamental for brands to consider multiple digital platforms and ensure they are both recognised, and understood, across all contact points.

Audio Branding, the new book from Laurence Minsky and Colleen Fahey, demonstrates how to use audio to capture the minds of your audience, even when they aren’t directly paying attention. Underpinned by practical, step-by-step guidance and cutting-edge research, this book delivers fascinating insights on how to enhance brand presence through user experience, so readers can create a brand that is both distinctive and valued.

Covering issues like the dominance of audio-enabled devices amid continuous partial attention, Audio Branding contains an enlightening set of case studies from companies such as Renault, Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau and Michelin, and includes an exclusive foreword by Dr Philip Kotler. It is the definitive guide on how to infuse sound into the many aspects of a brand identity, so you can build brand longevity and loyalty.

"'Audio Branding: Using sound to build your brand' expertly combines the theory and practice of sensory branding in a guide that will be essential to every marketer. I highly recommend this book for your library.” Martin Lindstrom, New York Times bestselling author of Small Data and Buyology

“This book rings true. Written by marketers, not musicians, the authors make it clear why a brand needs its own tailor-made musical vocabulary to thrive. Full of stories and tips, supported by academic studies, and illustrated with cases, it's a great read. A must for anyone who is building or defending a brand today.” Angela Johnson, EVP, Worldwide Managing Director, Ogilvy

About the authors: Laurence Minsky is associate professor in the Department of Communication & Media Innovation at Columbia College Chicago and author or co-author of many books on advertising and marketing. He is also an award-winning marketing strategist, creative director, and copywriter, focused on creating innovative and effective branding and cross-discipline marketing solutions for many leading brands. 

Colleen Fahey is an experienced creative executive, with deep expertise in branding and the multiple marketing touchpoints. She is US Managing Director of Sixième Son, the world's leading audio branding and sound design agency. Throughout her career, Colleen has worked for major marketing organizations on some of the leading brands in the US, Europe, Latin America and Asia.

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Audio Branding - ISBN: 9780749478575, Price: £19.99 - is available to purchase from 3rd March 2017. For a review copy, a by-lined article or to arrange an interview with the author, please contact Natasha Tulett: NTulett@koganpage.com or +44 (0)20 7843 1925.


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