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21st Century Business Icons

The Leaders Who Are Changing our World

Uncover the success stories and strategies behind 21 of the world's most fascinating and influential business leaders.
EAN: 9781398611320
Edition: 1
Format: 198x129
240 pages

About the book

From the stratospheric success of Jeff Bezos to the secret genius of Satoshi Nakamoto, 21st Century Business Icons uncovers the fascinating success stories behind some of the world's most innovative business leaders.

Behind every success is the unique story of an individual who has transformed their ambition into reality. They have overcome their competition through innovation, determination and confidence. This book uncovers the stories behind these figures - while they may be divisive, controversial or polarizing - each of them offers fascinating insights into business and society.

Stretching from California to Tokyo and covering sectors such as tech, retail, banking and social media, this book uncovers the secrets behind success on a global scale. Discover how Whitney Wolfe Herd reinvented the dating industry and how Jimmy Donaldson built a YouTube business empire. 21st Century Business Icons is a fascinating exploration of the entrepreneurs, influencers and pioneers who have redefined the 21st century.

About the authors

Sally Percy is a freelance journalist, editor and author specializing in the business and finance sectors. She is the editor of Edge, the official magazine of the Institute of Leadership & Management, and is a contributor to Forbes. She frequently makes radio appearances and writes for a number of publications including The Telegraph, The Times, Accounting and Business, CFO World, Economia and Financial Risks Today. Sally Percy is based in London, UK.