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Advanced Marketing Management

Principles, Skills and Tools

Prepare yourself for the new world of marketing with this richly in-depth textbook on marketing management.
EAN: 9780749480370
Edition: 1
Format: 239x170
320 pages

About the book

Marketing as a practice is facing unprecedented challenges: a changing media landscape, an increasingly complex customer journey, innovative technologies, start-ups which disrupt traditional channels and a new generation of tech-savvy clients. How should students and practitioners adapt to this shifting landscape and address the skills gap that many of today's marketers face? Advanced Marketing Management prepares students for this new world of marketing. Since traditional marketing approaches fail to provide convincing solutions to modern business realities, a new approach is urgently needed if marketers are to regain trust within their organizations.

Using contemporary examples, business case studies and supporting pedagogy, Advanced Marketing Management will provide a critical exploration into the more advanced aspects of marketing management, including the gap that exists between formal marketing literature and real-world practice, discussion of multidisciplinary tools, and the crucial evolution of the '4Ps'. Summarizing a large body of literature and academic research on new developments, this book is the go-to guide for students, lecturers and practitioners, wanting to succeed as modern marketers.

Online resources include lecture slides and further questions for group discussion.

About the authors

Neda Jovanovic Dimitriadis

Dr. Neda Jovanovic Dimitriadis (PhD, MA) is an academic researcher with considerable practical experience in marketing-related project management. She is amongst the pioneers in the SEE region on behavioural research in media planning, and her work has been featured at major marketing conferences. She is a guest lecturer on brand strategy, consumer behaviour and marketing communications.

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Jillian Ney

Dr Jillian Ney is the UK's first Dr of Social Media and a Digital Behavioural Scientist. She works as a consultant to marketers helping them to analyse and use social data to understand how their customers make decisions. Her clients include Manchester City Football Club, General Mills and Vanquis Bank. Her work has been presented to NATO, the Market Research Society and the Internet Advertising Bureau. Dr Jillian Ney was voted one of the 10 most influential women in digital marketing under the age of 30 by The Drum in 2012, she was shortlisted as the Most Inspiring Young Business Leader in 2014 by the People Make Glasgow Inspiring Cities Awards.

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Nikolaos Dimitriadis

Nikolaos Dimitriadis is an award-winning communications professional, educator and consultant. He is the co-author of the books Neuroscience for Leaders: A Brain Adaptive Leadership Approach and Advanced Marketing Management: Principles, Skills and Tools, both published by Kogan Page. He spoke at TEDx University of Strathclyde for the urgent need for Brain-Based Communication, he is a certified NeuroMarketer, and he lectured at the NeuroMarketing Manager Program at Hamburg Media School. He is a highly sought-after speaker and consultant, teaching regularly in MBA and corporate programs around the world. Nikolaos Dimitriadis has studied more than 5,000 brains in 25 countries for marketing, leadership and HR purposes. He has worked with major brands such as IKEA, IBM, JTI, Nestle, Johnson&Johnson, AstraZeneca, T-Mobile, DELL, Pierre Fabre, Coca-Cola, Banca Intesa Sanpaolo, Microsoft, CISCO, SAP, Unicredit, VMware, Emirates NBD, Raiffeisen Bank, Societe Generale and Credit Agricole USAID. He is the Head of Neuro Consulting Services at OptimalHRGroup, offering neuro-research, neuro-advisory and neuro-training services. In 2017 he co-founded and managed the applied neuroscience startup Trizma Neuro. Based in Serbia, he is also the Country Manager for Serbia for The University of Sheffield International Faculty, City College.

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A must-read for marketing professionals who want to create innovative and disruptive marketing interventions. This book addresses new trends - neuroscience, predictive skills, innovation and adaptability skills - all in a single title.

Dominic Fernandes, Vice President, Head of Business Marketing, Emirates NBD