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Advertising Transformed

The New Rules for the Digital Age

Is advertising dead or alive? 20th century advertising is dead and it will have to reinvent itself in order to survive.
EAN: 9780749471484
Edition: 1
Format: 236x159
200 pages

About the book

Is advertising dead or alive? Quite simply the 20th century concept of advertising is dead and it will have to reinvent itself in order to survive. This transformation is going on as we speak. Brands that invest in advertising during an economic recession prove to overcome them quicker as times of crisis are typically moments when consumers' mental pecking order is being shaken up. When brand market shares are shifting advertising can be a determining factor for the future of brands.

In Advertising: dead or alive, Fons Van Dyck offers strategic answers to questions marketers and managers have about the effectiveness of advertising in the digital age.

He discusses the basics of how advertising works in marketing and communications planning today. What is the core target group of advertising? Which strategy works best? Does social media mean the end of advertising? Why is the integration of marketing and communication becoming increasingly important? Are consumers better at advertising?

He addresses current advertising practice. What works best: a USP (unique selling proposition) or ESP (emotional selling proposition)? Is the future of advertising global or local? Is 'green' really a sales argument, and if it is, for what type of customer? What is the power of 'retro' in advertising?

He explores what academic evidence is available today that demonstrates the added value of marketing and advertising for companies and organisations, even in times of economic recession and concludes by focusing on some of the most important topics of criticism brands and advertising in particular are facing and on how brands are responding.

Backed by case studies of Effie Winning brands this book gives the reader concise and accessible insights into the modern form of advertising.

About the authors

Fons Van Dyck

Fons Van Dyck is a recognised expert and strategic adviser in the field of brand positioning and communication strategies for both consumer and corporate brands and is the founder of Think BBDO, a division of the international communications group BBDO located in Brussels, specialising in brand consultancy.

More about Fons Van Dyck

In today's fragmented environment, building brand awareness is more important than ever to win a share of the hearts and wallets of fickle consumers. Communication guru Fons van Dyck cracks the codes of effective ad campaigns, combining conventional wisdom, new research insights and current best-practice illustrations.

Joeri Van den Bergh, author, How Cool Brands Stay Hot and Founder, InSites Consulting