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Agile Marketing

Unlock Adaptive and Data-driven Marketing for Long-term Success

Apply and scale agile processes and principles to create innovative and responsive marketing, to drive growth and adapt to today's changing and unpredictable environment.
EAN: 9781398605107
Edition: 1
Format: 234x156
256 pages

About the book

Create responsive and adaptive marketing principles and practices with this guide to redesigning marketing structures, processes and culture, to be fit for purpose in today's changeable environment.

Agile Marketing
is an essential and practical roadmap to transforming your marketing by applying agile principles at scale and overcoming mindset and culture challenges to enable greater efficiency and quicker response times. Covering areas such as putting data and automation at the centre of agility, measuring success and creating and maintaining space for innovation, it features a range of insightful case studies and examples from organizations such as Santander, Boots and Vodafone.

Written by a recognized agile expert and marketing thought-leader who has worked with marketing teams in some of the largest global organizations, Agile Marketing also explores how to empower high-performing marketing teams and develop and pivot agile campaigns and content. Featuring tips and tools throughout and a step-by-step agile marketing transformation blueprint, it is a crucial resource for creating effective and streamlined marketing today and into the future.

About the authors

Neil Perkin is the founder of Only Dead Fish, a consultancy which specializes in digital strategy, transformation and agility. Based in Sussex, UK, he has run marketing training and consulted on marketing transformation and capability with a variety of large, multi-national businesses and curates the Firestarters thought leadership events for Google UK. A regular keynote speaker, he has written for Econsultancy, Marketing Week and The Marketing Society and has been named by Sage as a 'Top 100 Global Business Influencer'. He is also the author of Agile Transformation and the co-author of Building The Agile Business Through Digital Transformation, both published by Kogan Page.