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Building High Performance in Organisations

Building High Performance in Organisations

Rita McGee, Carole Pemberton


Build and maintain a high performance culture in your business with this easy to use toolkit, fully customizable to meet the needs of your organisation.

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About the book

The Building High Performance in Organisations toolkit is ideal if you're a performance manager, practitioner or business leader, and will help you to create innovative performance strategies and effectively manage performance-related problems. With easy to use tools, templates and processes that can be put into practice immediately, you will learn how to foster a high performance culture in your business.

Each section of Building High Performance in Organisations provides practical guidance that addresses the importance of the team and the leader in organisational performance, engaging high performers and dealing with performance related problems. All the tools are available online and can be customized in order to meet your organisation's needs.

About the Series:

The HR Toolkits provide complete sets of customizable, printable resources to facilitate in-house training and development workshops and strategy design. Supplied as both ring binders and electronic files, and consisting of modules which can be used individually or combined for more extended programmes, the toolkits include ready-made practical exercises, handouts, discussion questions and more to upskill employees.

Table Of Contents

    • Chapter - 21: Clarifying Roles and Responsibilities;
    • Chapter - 22: Am I Communicating in the Right Way?;
    • Chapter - 23: Different Methods;
    • Chapter - 24: Situational Performance Management;
    • Chapter - 25: Handling Line Managers Objections;
    • Chapter - 26: Risk and Relationship;
    • Chapter - 27: Clarifying Expectations - Setting goals, Aims, Objectives, Standards and Targets;
    • Chapter - 28: Preparing for an Informal Meeting to Discuss Performance;
    • Chapter - 29: Giving Motivational feedback;
    • Chapter - 30: Tackling Defensive Behaviour;
  • Section - FOUR: Engaging the High Performer;
    • Chapter - 31: Structuring a Solution Focussed Conversation;
    • Chapter - 32: Questions for Building Performance;
    • Chapter - 33: Meeting the Demands of Coaching;
    • Chapter - 34: Accessing Resilience Resources;
    • Chapter - 35: Individual Resilience Questionnaire;
    • Chapter - 36: Diagnosing Burnout;
    • Chapter - 37: The Individual, Happiness and Performance;
  • Section - FIVE: Performance Problems;
    • Chapter - 38: Key Terms - Standards a Leader Must Adopt when Dealing with Performance;
    • Chapter - 39: Recognising Problems;
    • Chapter - 40: Living the Values;
    • Chapter - 41: Mediation
    • Chapter - 20: How Good am I at Managing Performance?;
    • Chapter - 19: What is the Leader Required to do?;
    • Chapter - 18: Benchmarking - `How do I Stack Up Against Others?';
  • Section - THREE: The Leader and High Performance;
    • Chapter - 17: Applying Team Roles to Maximise Performance;
    • Chapter - 16: Belbin Team Roles;
    • Chapter - 15: Engagement, Team Happiness and Performance;
    • Chapter - 14: Team Resilience Questionnaire;
    • Chapter - 13: Solutions Focussed Teams;
    • Chapter - 12: Getting a Team Away Day Right;
  • Section - TWO: The Team and High Performance;
    • Chapter - 11: Identifying Business Issues and Performance Outcome Measures;
    • Chapter - 10: Be Bold with Competences;
    • Chapter - 09: Is Objective Setting the Best Method for Enhancing Organisational Performance?;
    • Chapter - 08: How do we Get People to Perform?;
    • Chapter - 07: Drivers and Benefits of High Performance;
    • Chapter - 06: Do We Need to Change the Organisation's PM Processes?;
    • Chapter - 05: Do We Need to Change the Organisation's Structure?;
    • Chapter - 04: What Culture do we Want?;
    • Chapter - 03: Communicating the Vision;
    • Chapter - 02: How are We Doing Currently? Measuring Your Organisation's Performance;
    • Chapter - 01: Shaping the Future - Building High Performance;
  • Section - ONE: The Organisation and High Performance;
    • Chapter - 00: Introduction to Building High Performance;

Book Details

  • Imprint: CIPD - Kogan Page
  • EAN: 9781843983071
  • Edition: 1
  • Published: 22nd June 2012
  • Loose-leaf
  • Format: 307x270
  • 384 pages
  • Series: HR Toolkits

About the Author

Rita McGee works as a UK consultant, trainer, facilitator and executive coach and specialises in the strategic development and implementation of human resource practice. She designs and delivers an array of training programmes aimed at building organisational, team and individual capability.

Carole Pemberton has worked with a wide range of individuals and organisations as a career and performance coach through her industry-recognised programmes. She runs her own coaching consultancy in the UK and has written for academic and professional publications as well as a regular column in The Guardian.

Rita McGee

Carole Pemberton