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Building Leadership Development Programmes

Building Leadership Development Programmes

Zero-Cost to High-Investment Programmes that Work

Nigel Paine

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Build leadership development programmes that deliver lasting value with this practical guide featuring best practice from experts in the field.

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About the book

Most leadership development runs on rails: courses are organized with standard content usually delivered by companies set up expressly for that purpose. Most leadership programmes fail when judged on whether they achieve lasting impact and behaviour change because what is covered is often forgotten after the programme ends. Building Leadership Development Programmes is designed to show how leadership development should work. It challenges the widely accepted notion that leadership development cannot be measured and it exemplifies how to design programmes that are in line with organizational needs and deliver lasting and measurable impact.

Building Leadership Development Programmes is structured around detailed case studies from around the world that offer unique insights into the process of building effective leadership development, looking at a range of approaches from almost zero cost options to high end investment that actually works. It helps readers think through what it is that they are actually trying to achieve, offering processes to work through to establish what is necessary for their organization and take a longer view than looking for quick fixes. It features case studies including Crotonville Leadership Centre who have worked with GE, McKinsey and the Red Cross, and interviews with world authorities on leadership and talent development. Detailed guidance will help identify the right measures to ensure impact, and to adopt the right methodologies, including looking at leadership coaching, mentoring, social learning and action learning, blowing apart the idea that expensive training courses are always required.

Table Of Contents

    • Chapter - 00: Introduction: Why this book?
  • Section - ONE: The Leadership Challenge
    • Chapter - 01: The leadership context
  • Section - TWO: Improving the Paradigm
    • Chapter - 02: Beyond the corporate university: GE’s Crotonville
    • Chapter - 03: Leadership on the edge: Discomfort as a learning experience
    • Chapter - 04: Rethinking executive leadership development: DeakiPrime
    • Chapter - 05: Leadership as a catalyst for change: The example of the NHS
  • Section - THREE: Changing the Paradigm
    • Chapter - 06: Any time, any place leadership: BP’s digital leadership development
    • Chapter - 07: Leadership development as storytelling: Social leadership in a large company
    • Chapter - 08: Making online learning an immersive experience
  • Section - FOUR: Elements for Transformation
    • Chapter - 09: Action learning: The community develops itself
    • Chapter - 10: DIY leadership development: Ensuring leadership development when you have a very low budget
    • Chapter - 11: The shape of the future: The increasingly powerful role of technology
  • Section - FIVE: Lessons Learned
    • Chapter - 12: How to move forward


This book is well researched, covers the right ground, gives some fascinating examples of great programs from all over the world and extracts the learning from all of this. For me, it is the right book at the right time.
Elliott Masie, CEO and President, The Masie Centre

This book should be required reading for everyone in leadership development... Anyone paying attention to its messages will deliver better and more effective leadership programmes. Highly recommended.
Donald H Taylor, Chair, Learning and Performance Institute

This books is extremely well written, accessible and easy to understand, whilst being very well researched. Nigel Paine has a unique perspective on what makes leadership development effective and it will help anyone interested or involved in this field.
Dr Annie McKee, Senior Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania and Director of the PennCLO Executive Doctoral Program

This book provides a solid foundation: a conceptual framework, and a broad range of grounded case studies, sharing both design and execution stories, tales of aspiration, tales of learning, tales of failure. It is this willingness to ground the work in a succession of practical examples that differentiates this for many of the other leadership texts that adorn my bookshelf.
Julian Stodd, Founder of Sea Salt Learning

Leadership development is a dangerous game: easy to commit to, much harder to win. Nigel Paine's new book Building Leadership Development Programmes plots a sensible course eschewing high theory in favour of multiple, grounded, pragmatic and freely shared case studies....It is this willingness to ground the work in a succession of practical examples that differentiates it from many of the other leadership texts that adorn my bookshelf.
Inside Learning Technologies and Skills magazine

[Nigel's] books are very practical and immediately applicable
Adam Stedham, Senior Vice President, Learning Solutions at GP Strategies Corporation

[It] was a pleasure to read....There were some examples that I enjoyed in particular, such as the BP and the SeaSalt example, mostly because they were new to me and provided a lot of insight in how others approach big challenges.... I also LOVED chapter 11 (The Shape of the Future). It gave me a completely different perspective on the potential of AI and VR.
Mirjam Neelen, Sr. Learning & Development Consultant at Learnovate Centre

My team is presently in the process of designing a flagship programme for scientific leaders...and I've no doubt it will be incredibly useful in shaping our approach.
Director, People Development and Operations at Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

Book Details

  • EAN: 9780749476939
  • Edition: 1
  • Published: 3rd November 2016
  • Paperback
  • Format: 234x156
  • 288 pages

About the Author

Nigel Paine is a change-focused leader with a worldwide reputation and extensive experience in leadership and consultancy. As the Head of Training and Development at BBC, he built one of the most successful learning and development operations in the UK. He now runs his own consultancy, which focuses on leadership, creativity, innovation and e-learning, working with companies in Europe, Brazil, Australia and the US. He is an academic director and member of the international advisory board at the University of Pennsylvania, board member of Management Issues and a Masie Learning Fellow.

Nigel Paine

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