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Business Development Culture

Taking Sales Culture Beyond the Sales Team

Alex Moyle
Enable your company to consistently sell more and achieve long term growth by refining and improving your business development culture.
EAN: 9780749481919
Edition: 1
Format: 235x160
248 pages

About the book

Business Development Culture defines how to facilitate a sales-oriented perspective throughout a company culture, enabling it to sell more on an ongoing and consistent basis. Highly practical in its approach, this book empowers readers to break away from the frustrations of missed opportunities and lost leads, and to escape the repetitive 'feast and famine' sales patterns. Providing direct guidance on the implementation of an immersive business development culture, this book will ensure that the wider objective of generating business profit is embraced by the entire organization, not just the sales team.

Easily tailored to maximize current processes, Business Development Culture features numerous tools and market-tested insights to support leaders in adapting their approach at both team and strategy levels. This invaluable guidance to an ever-widening issue is driven through the author's extensive experience as a trainer, and a series of impacting interviews from across the industry. Insightful, practical and directly relevant, this book is an essential read to achieve stable, consistent growth, and ultimately, long-term profits.

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