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Case Study: The Maintenance Stores Dilemma
Case Study

Case Study: The Maintenance Stores Dilemma

A Case Study of Vortex, a Maintenance Stores Operation

Gwynne Richards


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This case study explores warehouse operations at Vortex, a manufacturer of hi-tech drilling equipment running out of storage space for its maintenance stores operation. It goes into detail about the methods used in a maintenance stores operations company in the UK. It is struggling to deal with the number of urgent requests received from stakeholders for storing and sending out technical maintenance tools.

Aimed at students on warehouse management courses, it looks at issues such as increasing requirements for new equipment, shortage of space and the resulting delays to services to clients. It assesses solutions such as proper warehouse planning and the redesign of space in order to improve logistics performance.

The author presents a wide variety of problems and the suggested solutions. This case therefore helps readers to put together a sustainable and flexible warehouse operations plan.

Gwynne Richards illustrates problems that can arise when managing a warehouse, based on her own experiences of working with a number of clients over the years. He also looks at key ways of tackling issues, through a series of questions which test your understanding and problem-solving skills. This case study gives essential suggested answers to guide the reader towards the right decision which could transform the warehouse and its efficiency.


  • EAN: 9780749475123
  • Edition: 1
  • Published: 3rd January 2016
  • PDF
  • Dimensions: 297x210mm
  • 8 pages

About the Author

Gwynne Richards has over thirty years' experience in warehouse management and logistics. As well as running his own successful logistics consultancy he provides a number of courses on warehouse and transport management for practitioners. He is Module Tutor for TTM full time Masters course at Warwick and Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He is the author of Warehouse Management and The Logistics and Supply Chain Toolkit.