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The Secret Science of Brilliant Leadership

Dr Alan Watkins

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By starting at the very fundamentals of physiology, this book enables leaders to go way beyond what they ever thought they were capable of. It offers leaders boundless energy, better decision-making and happier relationships.

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About the book

Every business leader faces innumerable challenges every working day, each one taking their toll on precious energy levels and the ability to respond and react positively in a commercial environment. Coherence recognizes the key factors that take their toll on a leader's effectiveness and ability to lead, and provides the reader with unique solutions designed to improve physiological factors that impact on core competencies.

Problems today cannot be solved with yesterday's level of thinking. CEOs fail and leaders burn out because our thinking has not sped up or powered up. The author not only recognizes that leaders have the potential for limitless processing power, but shows them how to access it, taking them back to fundamentals and, quite literally, to the heart of who we are and how we function successfully. By showing leaders how to be 'younger, smarter, healthier and happier' Coherence gives every decision maker the power to make influential decisions under pressure and achieve sustainable success at every level.

Table Of Contents

    • Chapter - 01: The great performance myth;
    • Chapter - 02: Be younger;
    • Chapter - 03: Be healthier and happier;
    • Chapter - 04: Be smarter;
    • Chapter - 05: Be successful;
    • Chapter - 06: Be influential


The approaches in this book have helped me remain in the present. In life sometimes your inner voice can be nervous, worried and unhappy... learning to operate from a position of inner peace and calmness, to be present, is transformational.
John Browett, CEO, Monsoon

In my experience, it normally takes around five years for teams to operate at the level of trust and co-operation we have reached. With the techniques in this book we did it in six months.
Warwick Brady, COO, easyJet

It makes sense that if you want to perform at your best you should know the key drivers of how that is possible. If you don't you will be at a distinct disadvantage. Fortunately for me I met Alan Watkins, now everyone can benefit when they read this book.
Michael Drake, Managing Director, TNT Express - AMEA

Coherence is one of the most important books on business, business consulting, and leadership that has been published in the last decade....It's a cliché, but if you read one book in this area this year, make it this one!
Ken Wilber, The Integral Vision

Coherence provides one of the most unique approaches to showing leaders how to be younger, smarter, healthier and happier -- which gives them the power to make decisions under pressure and achieve sustainable success.
Eric Jacobson, Examiner.com

getAbstract recommends Watkins's wisdom, logic and advice as well as his techniques for emotional growth.
getAbstract, Inc.

Book Details

  • EAN: 9780749470050
  • Edition: 1
  • Published: 3rd November 2013
  • Paperback
  • Format: 234x157
  • 352 pages

About the Author

Dr Alan Watkins is CEO and Founder of Complete Coherence. Both physician and neuroscientist he has been a coach and confidant to many top CEOs and business leaders for over 15 years.

Dr Alan Watkins

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