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Create Uniqueness

How to Turn a Passion Into a Business

Turn your ideas into a unique and profitable business through practical advice and exciting case studies from a successful entrepreneur and key social media influencer.
EAN: 9780749497385
Edition: 1
Format: 216x140
168 pages

About the book

Create your dream job by turning your passion into a profitable business.

The business world has completely changed. The old routes to building a successful organization have been entirely revolutionized. In a world which is being transformed with a speed that was unthinkable barely a generation ago, the doors have been thrown wide open to serial entrepreneurs, digital innovators and career reinventors.

In Create Uniqueness, Riccardo Pozzoli, one of Italy's most successful entrepreneurs, and co-founder of the fashion phenomena The Blonde Salad, shares his story about creating a thriving business and building rewarding work environments.

Create Uniqueness is a passionate yet practical guide to identifying a business idea, embracing new ways of working, thinking unusually and building a great company without losing sense of your original idea.

About the authors

Riccardo Pozzoli

Riccardo Pozzoli is an Italian entrepreneur. He has a Masters degree in Management and Marketing from the Bocconi Business School.

More about Riccardo Pozzoli

In this book Riccardo Pozzoli has managed to dilute in a very simple and practical way all the principles of how to begin a company in these modern times. I recommend it to anyone who aspires to be a first-time entrepreneur. This is the perfect start to building a startup!

Simon Beckerman, founder, Depop