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Customer Insight Strategies

How to Understand Your Audience and Create Remarkable Marketing

Harness the extraordinary power of customer insights with this collection of adaptable, scalable strategies, which will allow any marketer to outshine the competition with effective, memorable marketing.
EAN: 9781789662504
Edition: 1
Format: 234x156
240 pages

About the book

In a noisy, fast-paced marketing world, customer insight holds the key to creating memorable, purpose-driven marketing. Customer Insight Strategies outlines the critical role of customer insight, and provides techniques and strategies that will help marketers identify trends, nurture leads and understand consumers - ultimately, empowering them to grow profits. The strategies are explained in a straight-forward, jargon-free manner, and can be applied to a huge range of marketing challenges regardless of time, budget or organizational size.

Customer Insight Strategies shows precisely how customer insights can be used to build a mission with purpose. It discusses many of the core methods through which customer insight can be gleaned, providing easy-to-follow guidelines for applying them to everyday marketing practice. Covering topics such as customer segments, marketing to personas, lead generation and more, it also contains interviews with leading business professionals sharing how they have used customer insights to grow profits. Written by a highly respected thought leader and industry influencer, Customer Insight Strategies will help any professional to create truly powerful marketing.

About the authors

Christine Bailey

Dr Christine Bailey is Managing Director, SMB UK & Ireland, and CMO at Valitor. She has 25+ years of marketing experience in the technology sector, including leading European marketing functions for Hewlett-Packard and Cisco Systems, as well as for smaller companies. She is a respected thought leader and motivational speaker, and her TEDx Talk on unconventional career advice has been viewed 83,000 times. She blogs for Forbes Women, and serves on numerous advisory boards.

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