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Cyber Risk Management

Prioritize Threats, Identify Vulnerabilities and Apply Controls

Learn how to prioritize threats, implement a cyber security programme and effectively communicate risks
Available to pre-order from 3rd March 2019
EAN: 9780749484125
Edition: 1
Format: 234x156
280 pages
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About the book

Most organizations are undergoing a digital transformation of some sort and are looking to embrace innovative technology, but new ways of doing business inevitably lead to new threats which can cause irreparable financial, operational and reputational damage. In an increasingly punitive regulatory climate, organizations are also under pressure to be more accountable and compliant. Cyber Risk Management clearly explains the importance of implementing a cyber security strategy and provides practical guidance for those responsible for managing threat events, vulnerabilities and controls, including malware, data leakage, insider threat and Denial-of-Service.

Examples and cases 'from the field', including the Equifax and TalkTalk breaches, add context throughout and emphasize the importance of communicating security and risk effectively, while implementation review checklists bring together key points at the end of each chapter. Cyber Risk Management analyzes the innate human factors around risk and how they affect cyber awareness and employee training, along with the need to assess the risks posed by third parties. Including an introduction to threat modelling, this book presents a data-centric approach to cyber risk management based on business impact assessments, data classification, data flow modelling and assessing return on investment. It covers pressing developments in artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data and cloud mobility, and includes advice on responding to risks which are applicable for the environment and not just based on media sensationalism.

About the authors

Christopher Hodson

Christopher Hodson is the EMEA CISO at Zscaler and runs the Office of the CISO in the region. He is a board member of the Institute of Information Security Professionals (IISP), a member of CompTIA's Cyber Security Committee and holds an MSc in Cyber Security. He writes for the IDG Contributor Network and regularly posts material which focuses on cyber metrics, cloud security and risk management.

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