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Decarbonizing Business

A Sustainable Roadmap to Net Zero

An essential guide for professionals tasked with working across various aspects of a business and its supply chain, Decarbonizing Business offers a path forward for business seeking "net zero" status.
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EAN: 9781398610835
Edition: 1
Format: 234x156
256 pages

About the book

Discover the most impactful ways to decarbonize your industry through your business. This book offers readers a comprehensive roadmap for business leaders striving to set and achieve "net zero" goals.

Decarbonizing Business offers a sustainable path forward for companies working toward decarbonization. Written for business professionals working to advance climate goals across multiple aspects of a business, the book breaks down the process of decarbonization from the inside out.

In ten chapters, climate innovator, investor and operator Melissa Zhang explains everything from broaching the net-zero conversation with investors to the best ways to decarbonize a brand, product, fleet, investments and more. Readers will learn what those leading the net-zero movement are doing at their companies and how these methods can be applied to any business. Decarbonizing Business dives into what Audrey Zibelman at X is doing for the electric grid, how Anca Timofte at Holocene is reducing industrial emissions, what kinds of transportation policies politicians can enact to reduce the city's reliance on carbon, and the way conversations shift from the trade floor to the board rooms of companies including Exxon. The resulting book provides business professionals with a forward-thinking path to net zero, giving readers the critical insights they need to achieve a carbon-neutral status.

About the authors

Melissa Zhang is an experienced climate technology entrepreneur and investor based in New York City, NY. She has represented the Aspen Institute as a Future Climate Leader and On Deck as a Climate Tech Fellow. Zhang began her career managing the multi-billion dollar Low-Carbon Transition Readiness Fund and systematic hedge funds at BlackRock. She has also worked for the California Climate Risk Disclosure Advisory Group, MioTech and Tapestry at X, the Moonshot Factory.