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Managing Your Digital Supply Chains for Competitive Advantage

Understand the strategic role of e-logistics in managing information and information flows within and between organisations in today's dynamic global environment.
EAN: 9780749472665
Edition: 1
Format: 235x155
536 pages

About the book

E-logistics serves as the nerve system for the whole supply chain and enables smooth information flow within and between organizations. This contributed book focuses on the strategic role of e-logistics in today's dynamic global environment.

In E-Logistics international experts from both academia and industry examine how competitiveness and productivity in transport, logistics and supply chain management can be improved using e-logistics systems and technologies. A variety of successful e-logistics business approaches are discussed covering a range of commercial sectors and transport modes. Separate chapters consider e-logistics developments for air freight; rail freight; road freight; sea transport and port systems. Subsequent chapters address in depth support systems for B2C and B2B e-commerce and e-fulfilment, warehouse management, RFID, electronic marketplaces, global supply network visibility, and service chain automation. Industry case studies are used to support the discussion. The book also investigates emerging technologies in e-logistics and considers what the future might hold in this rapidly changing and developing field.

About the authors

Yingli Wang

Yingli Wang is a lecturer in logistics and operations management at Cardiff Business School. She obtained her first degree in Food Manufacturing from China in 1995, an MBA in IT with Distinction in 2003 from Coventry University and a PhD in logistics from Cardiff University in 2008. Her PhD research focused on the potential relational, process and technological configurations between organisations when using Electronic Logistics Marketplaces (ELMs) for transport provision.

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Stephen Pettit

Stephen Pettit is a Reader in Logistics and Operations Management at Cardiff Business School. In 1993 he was awarded a PhD from the University of Wales and he has worked at Cardiff Business School since 2000. He has been involved in a range of transport related research projects, notably a groundbreaking project for the Department of Transport analysing the UK economy's requirements for people with seafaring experience. This work highlighted important issues relating to the decline in the number of UK seafaring officers.

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E-Logistics confirms the theory every function in the modern competitive enterprise is more about the flow, usage, and capture of information than any other specialized capability. The editors of this book, as well as their team of contributing writers, understand that E-Logistics is not just about automating the supply chain, but maintaining the quality and integrity of supply chain data. It is also not about data for its own sake, but for the creation of competitive advantage and customer value.

Kelly Barner, Buyers Meeting Point