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Essay Writing Skills

Essay Writing Skills

Essential Techniques to Gain Top Marks

Jacqueline Connelly, Patrick Forsyth


Essay Writing Skills will help you to excel in your A-level or University written work. It includes winning strategies for researching, planning and structuring your essays and invaluable advice on improving your first draft.

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About the book

Writing essays is a major part of many further education courses. In coursework assignments, dissertations and exams, a well-written essay can make the difference between a pass and a fail, and these essays provide you with the stepping stones that take you towards the degree, qualification and career that you desire. Nothing will expose your uncertainty or lack of knowledge more than a poorly written essay; what Essay Writing Skills does is let you know what is expected of you and how best to go about your research, thus allowing you to get on top of your workload quickly.

Essay Writing Skills offers practical and proven ways to maximise your success in all aspects of essay writing. From planning your first essay to assessing primary and secondary sources, it will help you to write in a systematic way that presents a convincing and academically sound argument. A comprehensive guide, it provides guidance and advice on good research techniques, grammar and accuracy, creating an essay plan and correctly citing your sources. It also includes a range of real life example essays and insider knowledge on how your essays are assessed, Essay Writing Skills is an indispensible source of advice, making the writing process clear and manageable to help you improve the quality of your written work.

Table Of Contents

    • Chapter - 01: The introduction: making a good start
    • Chapter - 02: The central content
    • Chapter - 03: Referencing
    • Chapter - 04: An appropriate conclusion
    • Chapter - 05: Writing essays in examinations
    • Chapter - 06: The purpose and form of a dissertation
  • Section - SEVEN: Example essays and the art of learning from experience
    • Chapter - 01: What your lecturer wants
    • Chapter - 02: A checklist
    • Chapter - 03: The nature of the examples
    • Chapter - 04: An example of guidelines
    • Chapter - 05: Examples
    • Chapter - 06: Dealing with criticism
    • Chapter - 07: A helping hand
    • Chapter - 08: Top tips
  • Section - EIGHT: Looking ahead
    • Chapter - 01: The immediate benefits
    • Chapter - 02: The wider world
    • Chapter - 03: Areas of change
    • Chapter - 04: Skills with ongoing benefit
    • Chapter - 05: Applications in finding work and beyond
    • Chapter - 06: Written communication in the workplace
    • Chapter - 07: Ongoing development
  • Section - SIX: The structure and detail of an essay
    • Chapter - 02: When it all goes wrong
    • Chapter - 01: A systematic approach
  • Section - FIVE: Preparing and writing
    • Chapter - 06: Using essay banks
    • Chapter - 05: Making notes
    • Chapter - 04: Developing your academic skills
    • Chapter - 03: Gathering material and using bibliographies
    • Chapter - 02: Understanding the essay title
    • Chapter - 01: Deciding which topic to write on
  • Section - FOUR: Researching the content
    • Chapter - 03: If your first language is not English
    • Chapter - 02: Detail that makes for good writing
    • Chapter - 01: Using clear language
  • Section - THREE: The foundation for success
    • Chapter - 04: Developing your academic skills through essay writing
    • Chapter - 03: The essay as assessed coursework
    • Chapter - 02: Essay conventions
    • Chapter - 01: What is an essay?
  • Section - TWO: The academic essay: its nature and role
    • Chapter - 03: How to use this book
    • Chapter - 02: Future realities
    • Chapter - 01: New realities
  • Section - ONE: Introduction: destination graduation

Book Details

  • EAN: 9780749463915
  • Edition: 1
  • Published: 3rd April 2012
  • Paperback
  • Format: 240x170
  • 152 pages
  • Series: Elite Student Series

About the Author

Jacqueline Connelly has a wealth of experience of universities, including holding senior managerial posts at both Lancaster and Kent Universities.

Patrick Forsyth is a consultant, trainer and writer.

Mark Connelly, who wrote the foreword and contributed to the book is an author and a lecturer in Modern History at Kent University.

Jacqueline Connelly

Patrick Forsyth