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Event Sponsorship and Fundraising

Event Sponsorship and Fundraising

An Advanced Guide

Tom Lunt, Eva Nicotra


Receive a thorough introduction to the subject of event management and sponsorship with this upper level textbook, encompassing all the critical aspects in one resource.

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About the book

Securing sponsorship and other sources of funding for events is becoming increasingly competitive, making differentiation and delivery vital. Event Sponsorship and Fundraising explores this complex area of event management, drawing on both experiential marketing and consumer behaviour theories, and developing critical insights on the dynamics of successful event sponsorship. Its coverage includes professional guidance on prospecting for sponsors, brand activation and evaluation, as well as advice on relationship management, proposal writing and pitching to potential sponsors.

Event Sponsorship and Fundraising places each of these concepts at the heart of the Integrated Marketing Communications Mix, alongside cutting edge literature on the topic. Written by two highly experienced industry practitioners, both of which now teach on two of the UK's leading event management degree courses, and supported by a comprehensive set of online resources, this book is an invaluable go-to resource for event management students, tutors and professionals alike.

Table Of Contents

  • Section - 01: Introduction to event sponsorship, fundraising, partnerships and relationship development;
  • Section - 02: Event sponsorship at the centre of the integrated marketing communications mix;
  • Section - 03: Delivering event sponsorship campaigns;
  • Section - 04: Identifying and securing sponsors and funding opportunities;
  • Section - 05: Prospecting for grant funding and sponsorship: case studies from Scottish cycling events;
  • Section - 06: Preparing and delivering a sponsorship pitch;
  • Section - 07: Managing relationships with sponsors and funding bodies;
  • Section - 08: Legal issues in event sponsorship and fundraising;
  • Section - 09: Evaluating sponsorship and grant-making relationships;
  • Section - 10: Where next for event sponsorship and fundraising?;
  • Section - 11: Practical templates to kick-start your event sponsorship and fundraising;
  • Section - 00: Afterword – building your career in sponsorship and fundraising;

Book Details

  • EAN: 9780749480929
  • Edition: 1
  • Published: 3rd November 2018
  • Paperback
  • Format: 240x170
  • 288 pages

About the Author

Tom Lunt is the Programme Leader for International Events Management at the University of Surrey. He is former senior lecturer at London Metropolitan University and spent nine years working in fundraising events with organizations such as Christian Aid and the Royal Star & Garter Home for disabled servicemen and women.

Eva Nicotra is Senior Lecturer at London Metropolitan University, teaching event planning, events marketing and sponsorship, and live music events promotion. She is an accomplished events and music industry professional and previously ran her own events management company for live events, charity fundraisers, concerts and festivals.

Tom Lunt

Eva Nicotra