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Financial Management for Technology Start-Ups

A Handbook for Growth

Alnoor Bhimani
Launch your tech start up successfully with this extensive financial toolkit for technology-based and innovation-focused ventures.
EAN: 9780749481346
Edition: 1
Format: 235x160
240 pages

About the book

All start-up businesses must be founded on product expertise, a grasp of digitisation, and being aware of market forces. Tech start-ups also need a unique understanding of accounting to succeed, knowledge which is required to power their more innovative business models, and the ways of working that drive technology-based businesses. Unlike traditional accounting manuals or those aimed more generally at small business operators, Financial Management for Technology Start-Ups concentrates on what is important in financial terms for technology-based and innovation focused entrepreneurial businesses.

Featuring a simple yet effective 'Start-Up Financial Control Loop' and 'Tech Start-Up Tracker,' Financial Management for Technology Start-Ups offers a complete and must-have financial toolkit for launching and managing a tech start-up. The book covers all relevant facets of accounting and finance not covered by any other publication by using straight-forward language, extensive practical illustrations and case studies to demonstrate the financial understanding that has become essential to technology and innovation-based start-ups.

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