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Food Supply Chain Management and Logistics

From Farm to Fork

Understand how food gets to the table with this comprehensive overview of the design, governance, innovations, and future challenges of the food supply chain.
EAN: 9780749473648
Edition: 1
Format: 235x155
280 pages

About the book

WINNER: ACA-Bruel 2015 - Prix des Associations

With the growth of the food industry come unique logistics challenges, new supply routes, demand dynamics and investment re-shaping the future of the food logistics industry. It is therefore important for the food industry to innovate both with regards to demand management and sustainability of food sources for a growing population. Food Supply Chain Management and Logistics provides an accessible and essential guide to food supply chain management, considering the food supply chain from 'farm to fork'. Samir Dani shows the reader how to stay ahead of the game by keeping abreast of global best practice, harnessing the very latest technology and squeezing efficiency and profit from increasingly complex supply chains.

Food Supply Chain Management and Logistics covers essential topics in food supply chain management, including: food supply chain production and manufacturing; food logistics; food regulation, safety and quality; food sourcing; food retailing; risk management; food innovation; technology trends; food sector and economic regeneration; challenges in International food supply chains; triple bottom-line trends in the food sector; food security and future challenges. Winner of the 2015 Prix des Associations, this book has been commended for its comprehensive coverage of the design, governance, supporting mechanisms and future challenges in the food supply chain.

About the authors

Samir Dani is Professor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management and former Head of Logistics, Operations and Hospitality Management at the University of Huddersfield. He has experience of leading and working on various research projects in a diverse range of management and supply chain related topics, including projects relating to food supply chain risks, food sustainability and food value chains.

The book offers a comprehensive overview of logistics and supply chain management in the food industry. Given the criticality of food supply chains and the risk if not managed properly, managers in the food and adjacent industries will greatly benefit from the thorough analysis. The end-to-end view of food supply chains is well-covered. The topical cases examples relate the discussion to practice and are a great source for teaching.

Professor Stephan M. Wagner, Chair of Logistics Management and Director Executive MBA at the ETH Zurich