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Global Waste Management

Models for Tackling the International Waste Crisis

Examines the international waste trade and the transfer of goods across borders and presents tangible solutions and coping strategies.
EAN: 9781789660777
Edition: 1
Format: 234x156
416 pages

About the book

Among other factors, rapid global population growth, our development model and patterns of production and consumption have increased waste generation worldwide to unsustainable rates. This rise has led to crises in many countries where waste management practices are no longer sound. Global Waste Management outlines the emerging global waste crisis considering the perspectives of developed and developing countries around the world and the international relationships between them. This book provides an ecological viewpoint as well as studying these problems from a legal and justice standpoint.

Global Waste Management contextualises the problems faced when dealing with waste including the causes and origins. Focus is given to cross border waste transfer, as an ongoing and controversial practice, making waste management a global matter. This book scrutinizes existing international, European and Brazilian regulation on waste to highlight the complexity of the subject and the weaknesses of the law. Using a critical and socio-ecological approach, the book proposes an original model of governance to support a new system of global waste management that takes into account ecological sustainability and social justice to overcome the waste crisis. To create these models, a theoretical framework on socio-ecological justice is developed and combined with different discourses and theories described throughout the book. This is the essential guide to understanding the global waste crisis and the future of waste management.

About the authors

Kamila Pope

Kamila Pope is a lecturer and researcher of Environmental Law and Biolaw. She has had many book chapters, papers and articles published about environmental law, sustainability, planned obsolescence and waste management, amongst others.

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