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Green and Sustainable Finance

Principles and Practice in Banking, Investment and Insurance

Apply green and sustainable finance principles and best practice in banking, investment and insurance to aid the transition to a low-carbon world and maximize new opportunities.
EAN: 9781398609242
Edition: 2
Format: 240x170
568 pages

About the book

As nations continue to work towards a sustainable future, the finance sector has a crucial role to play in driving sustainable business and managing the transition to a net zero economy.

To achieve this change, it is vital for the finance sector to allocate capital to the firms, investments and projects looking to create a low carbon world. Green and Sustainable Finance offers a comprehensive guide to the application of common green and sustainable principles and practices in banking, investment and insurance to manage risks and seize opportunities in the transition to net zero. As climate change becomes an ever more pressing issue, it is essential that finance professionals grasp these principles to combat the threat of climate change and maximize the opportunities of a low-carbon future.

Written by the CEO of the Chartered Banker Institute, this fully updated second edition includes much greater coverage of the reporting of environmental impacts and carbon accounting, regulatory and market developments in climate and environmental risk management, the rapid growth of sustainable investment, and the latest finance sector alliance and initiatives, including the COP26 Private Finance Strategy and Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ). Endorsed by the CBI as the core text for the benchmark Certificate in Green and Sustainable Finance, this book is essential reading for finance professionals and students taking modules on Green and Sustainable Finance, and individuals working to embed sustainability in business, policy and regulation.

About the authors

Simon Thompson is Chief Executive of the Chartered Banker Institute. He leads the UK's Green Finance Education Charter initiative and is a former Vice President of the European Bank Training Network. Simon is a Fellow of the Chartered Banker Institute, a Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and holds an MBA from the University of Edinburgh.