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How Cool Brands Stay Hot

Branding to Generations Y and Z

Joeri Van den Bergh
Market to Generations Y and Z more effectively by learning how to remain a relevant, appealing brand in the eyes of the most sceptical generations.
EAN: 9780749477172
Edition: 3
Format: 233x155
312 pages

About the book

WINNER: Berry-AMA Book Award 2012 (1st edition)
WINNER: Expert Marketing Magazine's Marketing Book of the Year Award 2011 (1st edition)

How Cool Brands Stay Hot analyses Generations Y and Z, the most marketing savvy and advertising-critical generations yet. It reveals how millennials think, feel and behave, offering proven strategies to market to these groups more effectively and remain a relevant, appealing brand. Featuring interviews with global marketing executives of successful brands such as the BBC, Converse, Coca-Cola, eBay and MasterCard along with case studies from companies including H&M, MTV and Diesel, it guides readers in developing the right strategies to leave a lasting business impact.

This fully revised 3rd edition of How Cool Brands Stay Hot goes beyond the discussion of Generation Y, expanding its reach with an entirely new chapter on Generation Z and a detailed analysis of the impact that issues such as recession, social media and mobile marketing have had on these consumers. Based on new figures, case studies and interviews, it provides a fresh take on what remain critical issues for anyone hoping to market to those who come after Generation X.

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