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How People Learn

Designing Effective Training to Improve Employee Performance

Design training programmes and learning content that works for employees and their learning style to improve staff performance, skills development and engagement.
Available to pre-order from 3rd February 2019
EAN: 9780749484705
Edition: 1
Format: 234x156
288 pages
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About the book

Marketers have been playing to people's emotions and aiming to pique their interest for years in order to sell products. Companies undertake extensive market research and significant user testing before a product is launched and customer feedback is integrated into ongoing development. However, in corporate training, employees are expected to complete training programmes that they haven't been consulted on, that don't meet their needs and that aren't fit for purpose which results in no tangible performance improvement and almost non-existent knowledge retention after the training. How People Learn shows L&D professionals how to design with their employees in mind so that training makes a real difference to performance and development rather than being a waste of time, money and resources.

Using the author's '5DI framework', How People Learn shows how to define, design and deploy training so that it works with and for employees. There is guidance on what training resources to create when employees are actively searching for learning content and how L&D practitioners can 'pull' employees towards content that they don't know they need or are actively disinterested in. From how to use simulations, storytelling, neuroscience and anticipation to the importance of observation and status, this book gives L&D professionals everything they need to build effective training programmes. Including case studies from companies such as BP, BBC and Virgin Atlantic, this is an urgent read for L&D professionals who are committed to developing training that will make a difference to employees' skills, capabilities and performance.

About the authors

Nick Shackleton-Jones

Nick Shackleton-Jones is the Director of Learning and Performance Innovation at PA Consulting Group where he helps organizations improve employee performance and engagement through their approach to learning. Prior to this, he was Director of Learning Innovation and Technology at BP and has also held senior roles in L&D at Siemens Communications and the BBC. In 2017, he was awarded the Colin Garder award by the Learning and Performance Institute for services to the learning industry

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