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International Freight Transport

International Freight Transport

Cases, Structures and Prospects

Anthony Beresford, Stephen Pettit


Learn and understand the global issues and key changes in the transport industry.

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About the book

International Freight Transport is a comprehensive book that coherently presents the key changes and issues in the fast-moving industries of trade and transport. It includes regional trade groupings, emergence of new large economies (i.e. BRIC countries), and pivotal regions such as the Middle East and Central America where major projects, such as new and widened canals, are underway or planned. These changes could redraw the trade map with major implications for transport patterns and solutions.

Blending geography, economics, politics and trade, International Freight Transport provides insight into a wide range of topics, including: globalisation; demand versus supply; buyers and sellers; transport regulation, geography, modes and methods; transport ownership; alliances; and safety and security. The book is the only comprehensive and accessible book on international transport available.

Table Of Contents

  • Section - ONE: Overview (introduction and key modes);
    • Chapter - 01: Introduction;
    • Chapter - 02: Demand for transport and transport supply - the modes: pricing, transport space, buyers and sellers, globalisation and scale (by Jan Hoffmann);
    • Chapter - 03: Transport versus logistics (by Robert Mason);
  • Section - TWO: The complexity of transport (regional overviews);
    • Chapter - 04: Europe, including UK, EU, Non-EU (by Mike Browne);
    • Chapter - 05: South East Asia, ASEAN (by Ruth Banomyong);
    • Chapter - 06: North America, including Panama Canal (by Mike Ircha);
    • Chapter - 07: South America (by David Grant);
    • Chapter - 08: Middle East (by Abouarghoub, Beresford and Pettit);
    • Chapter - 09: Southern and East Africa (by Chris Savage);
    • Chapter - 10: Australia and New Zealand (by Mike Bell);
    • Chapter - 11: Japan, Korea and Taiwan (by Suhan Woo);
    • Chapter - 12: China (by TY Jung and Ted Lirn);
  • Section - THREE: Trade and transport (regional case studies);
    • Chapter - 13: Grain in Central Asia (by Bimaganbetov, Beresford and Pettit);
    • Chapter - 14: Oil and gas in the Middle East and North Sea (by Hance Smith);
    • Chapter - 15: Containers in the far east - Europe; and Europe, North America and the Trans-Pacific (by Rolf Neise);
    • Chapter - 16: Coal in Brazil, South Africa, Australia and Europe (by Jane Haider and TL Yip);
    • Chapter - 17: Cars in Japan and South Korea (by Paul Nieuwenhuis);
  • Section - FOUR: Regulation, uncertainty and control;
    • Chapter - 18: Regulation (by Andrew Grainger);
    • Chapter - 19: Uncertainty and crisis transport (by Peter Tatham);
    • Chapter - 20: Virtual transport and ICT (by Peter Wells)


A great book which not only covers issues in international freight transport but also gives detailed insight into key corridors and markets which would be essential for people working in this sphere.
Michael Nielsen, Transportation Manager, India-ASEAN, Caterpillar Inc.

The perfect companion not only for someone who wants to deeply understand how international freight transport operates but also for someone who wants to update their knowledge. The book provides an excellent synthesis of current and future issues affecting international freight transport based on cases with truly global footprint.
Dr Stavros Karamperidis, Assistant Professor of Shipping & International Logistics, Heriot Watt University

This book is an important contribution to the on-going debate about the importance of international freight transport in the context of the ever-growing influence of globalisation. With a strong theoretical as well as practical basis, and supported by a substantial and wide ranging literature, a clear understanding of the economic, social and political contexts will be welcomed as a topical and practical guide to the sector.
Professor Michael Roe, Chair of Maritime Governance, Plymouth University

International Freight Transport is a comprehensive compendium of a practical research in this fast-evolving area. I found the assembly of papers to provide a broad and, most importantly, up-to-date background on the main industry's segments along with several case studies from around the world. I highly recommend the book as an essential reading to practitioners, researchers in port authorities, port operators, shipping lines, logistic providers, government agencies involved in transport and logistics, and academic institutes.
Dr Asaf Ashar, Research Professor (emeritus), National Ports & Waterways Initiative (NPWI), USA and Independent Consultant, Ports, Shipping and Intermodal Transportation

This book provides comprehensive coverage of the most important contemporary ideas and issues in international freight transport and logistics. These are conveyed through an eclectic mix of applied contexts that add significant interest and relevance to the underlying concepts. Expertly edited, this book is a thoroughly absorbing read that comes highly recommended for both students and practitioners.
Professor Kevin Cullinane, Professor of International Logistics & Transport Economics, University of Gothenburg

Book Details

  • EAN: 9780749474348
  • Edition: 1
  • Published: 3rd March 2017
  • Paperback
  • Dimensions: 234x156
  • 376 pages

About the Author

Professor Anthony Beresford is Programme Director for the MSc International Transport at Cardiff University and Director for the suite of Masters Programmes within Logistics and Operations Management. Professor Beresfotrd has travelled widely in an advisory capacity within the ports and transport fields in Europe, Asia and North America.

Dr Stephen Pettit is a researcher for the Transport and Shipping Research Group in Cardiff Business School. He has been involved in a range of transport related research including a ground-breaking project for the Department of Transport.

Anthony Beresford

Stephen Pettit