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Knockoff: The Deadly Trade in Counterfeit Goods

The True Story of the World's Fastest Growing Crimewave

Knockoff exposes the truth behind fake and counterfeit goods and reveals the links between organised crime and illegal goods. Describes how the counterfeiters' criminal network costs jobs, cripples developing countries and breeds corruption.
EAN: 9780749449414
Edition: 1
Format: 233x156
256 pages

About the book

In this compelling account, Knockoff exposes the truth behind the fakes and uncovers the shocking consequences of dealing in counterfeit goods. Travelling across the globe, Tim Phillips shows that counterfeiting isn't a victimless crime; it is an illegal global industry undermining the world's economies.

Based on interviews with victims, investigators and the people who sell counterfeits, Knockoff reveals the link between what we see as "innocent" fakes and organized crime. Phillips describes in detail how the counterfeiters' criminal network costs jobs, cripples developing countries, breeds corruption and violence, and kills thousands of people every year. He shows that by turning a blind eye to the problem, we become accomplices to theft, extortion and murder.

About the authors

Tim Phillips

Tim Phillips is a well-known business journalist and broadcaster. The author of two previous books, he writes regularly for the mainstream press, including The Wall Street Journal Europe, The International Herald Tribune, The Guardian and The Observer, and appears on BBC TV and Radio and Sky News.

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