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Leading Change

How Successful Leaders Approach Change Management

Adopt the 'complex adaptive system' approach to drive success with a framework for change that embraces an organisation's human element.
EAN: 9780749471682
Edition: 1
Format: 234x156
232 pages

About the book

It is often claimed that 70% of organizational change efforts fail, despite the popularity of linear change models. However these linear approaches to change are often based on the premise that change is predictable and straightforward, when actually change is complex, with the 'human' element often changing the functioning of the organizational system as a whole.

Leading Change provides the practical framework that allows leaders to actively engage with a complex adaptive system to bring about successful organizational change. Supported by academic research, and grounded with a range of examples and cases, the book offers a genuine, viable alternative to existing approaches.

About the authors

OD expert and executive coach, Paul Lawrence is Co-director of the Centre for Systemic Change, a change management company based in Sydney. Paul was previously a Global Programme Director for OD and Learning at BP.

Leading Change is the umpteenth book on change management but it treats it very differently from other books I have come across. Paul manages to make it very personal and thus recognisable. He shows the struggle that each and every change agent is going through and makes it clear there is no one answer. The book is almost a reversed version of the average textbook: it does not teach you the model and then try to explain it. It builds up 'the Emerging Change Model' step by step, chapter by chapter, taking the reader by the hand. It shows how all the elements are themselves subject to change and how they all influence each other. It's all based on actual change stories, successes and failures. The use of anecdotes makes it an easy read and there is a powerful, recognisable insight on every page.The most insightful yet down-to-earth book on change I have read in a long while!

Karin Bax, Change Manager at HEINEKEN International