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Lowe's Transport Manager's and Operator's Handbook 2017

Lowe's Transport Manager's and Operator's Handbook 2017

David Lowe, Clive Pidgeon


Learn the operational rules and guidelines governing the UK's road transport operators with the most comprehensive guide available.

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About the book

Now in its 47th edition, Lowe's Transport Manager's & Operator's Handbook is the most comprehensive guide available to the operational rules and guidelines governing the UK's road transport operators. This best-selling handbook provides an essential reference to factors that are of utmost importance in today's road transport industry. It includes details on professional competence, working times and driving hours rules, speed cameras and penalties, the international road haulage market and drugs testing for drivers.

Lowe's Transport Manager's & Operator's Handbook is the essential reference source for any transport manager, fleet operator, owner-driver haulier or student with an involvement in the industry.

The 47th edition has been thoroughly updated and revised to reflect the latest developments in the industry.

Table Of Contents

    • Chapter - 01: Goods Vehicle Operator Licensing
    • Chapter - 02: Professional Competence
    • Chapter - 03: Goods Vehicle Drivers’ Hours and Working Time
    • Chapter - 04: Goods Vehicle Drivers’ Records
    • Chapter - 05: Tachographs – Fitment and Use Requirements
    • Chapter - 06: Driver Licensing and Licence Penalties
    • Chapter - 07: Driver Testing and Training
    • Chapter - 08: Vehicle Registration, HGV Road User Levy, Excise Duty and Trade Licences
    • Chapter - 09: Insurance (Vehicles and Goods in Transit) and Conditions of Carriage
    • Chapter - 10: Road Traffic Law
    • Chapter - 11: Goods Vehicle Dimensions and Weights
    • Chapter - 12: Construction and Use of Vehicles
    • Chapter - 13: Vehicle Lighting and Marking
    • Chapter - 14: Goods Vehicle Plating, Annual Testing and Vehicle Inspections
    • Chapter - 15: Light Vehicle (MoT) Testing
    • Chapter - 16: Maintenance Advice
    • Chapter - 17: The Safety of Loads on Vehicles
    • Chapter - 18: Carriage of Livestock
    • Chapter - 19: Special Types Vehicles
    • Chapter - 20: UK Carriage by Road Regulations
    • Chapter - 21: Insurance
    • Chapter - 22: Fuel Economy Aids
    • Chapter - 23: Safety
    • Chapter - 24: Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)
    • Chapter - 25: Quality Assessment and Accreditation
    • Chapter - 26: Entry to the International Road Haulage Market
    • Chapter - 27: Unit Loads and Loading Units


How many books are boasting the publication of the 46th edition? If Transport Managers and Operators purchase only one book this year, then it will probably be Lowe's Transport Manager's and Operator's Handbook 2016. The Handbook reflects current practice and legislation and is THE essential reference source for Transport Managers and Operators alike.
Dorothea Carvalho, Director of Professional Development, Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT)

Book Details

  • EAN: 9780749478926
  • Edition: 47
  • Published: 3rd February 2017
  • Paperback
  • Format: 238x168
  • 760 pages

About the Author

David Lowe has been involved in the road haulage industry for many years, and is an experienced consultant and freelance writer. His many books on transport include The Professional LGV Driver's Handbook and The Pocket Guide to LGV Drivers' Hours and Tachograph Law.

Clive Pidgeon is Examination Database Manager for CILT Level 5 qualifications, CILT Distance Learning Advisor, an examiner and verifier for CILT and author of various CILT text books and training material.

David Lowe

Clive Pidgeon