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Lunchtime Learning for Leaders

16 Ways to Grow Your Resilience and Influence

Master the 16 essential leadership skills you need to successfully grow as a leader, with bite-sized and action-packed guidance that will turbocharge your and your team's success.
EAN: 9781398602540
Edition: 1
Format: 216x138
240 pages

About the book

You've got a rare empty slot in your diary today, squeezed between meetings, phone calls and dealing with the incessant incoming emails. You can grab a sandwich, power through and run yourself down, or you can STOP. You can pick up this book, choose a chapter that inspires you and learn something new.

This isn't a time for standing still; developing and growing as a leader is imperative if you want your team and company to be successful. Lunchtime Learning for Leaders is an actionable guide to everything you need to know to be a successful leader. Each chapter is a short-burst overview of a key leadership challenge thousands of leaders before you have faced and successfully tackled with the help of the author Lucy Ryan. And all of them can be mastered in under an hour! From leading your team through change, adapting your leadership style to the task at hand, gathering influence to building resilience, this book is your essential guide to becoming the best leader you can be.

Dedicate just a few hours and invest in Lunchtime Learning for Leaders. You will reap the benefits and come out better prepared for whatever comes next on your business leadership journey.

About the authors

Dr Lucy Ryan is a an executive and leadership coach, consultant, business psychologist and the founder of Mindspring, a leadership training consultancy. With clients that include Siemens, Bauer Media, the BBC, RAC, Barclays, the NHS, Sony, Channel 4 and BMW, Ryan has worked with over 10,000 business leaders across 29 countries. An Honorary Lecturer at the University of East London in the Application of Positive Psychology to Coaching and Organisations Ryan is also an in-demand keynote speaker on business psychology and resilience. She is based in Cheltenham, England.